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Saturday, November 26, 2011

SEO - Best Practices

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is required for sites that need a high profile in the pages of search engines (SERP) and get a high ranking you need to follow some well-known rules. The problem is that nobody really knows what Google rules actually are. We know that Google penalizes page insignificance of topics and we know that backlinks are relevant to the site and the page. We also know that a good original content, you need to get high SERP. There are probably other factors that we are not aware, so in some way are shooting in the dark.

However, if we focus on what we know we can improve our odds by optimizing sites for search engines. First, forget about using words and phrases that have a negative impact on the SERPs. Those who know these things say that the keyword density of 2% is best, even if you can get away with a density of 3% if the content is good and that really gets through hoops to paraphrase. The text should be readable, attractive and original, so if you're writing has not improved much since grade school, keep it short and simple. If you have a talent for creative writing, which is an advantage.

Another problem with keywords is that you need to know what is in vogue, and that attracts the eye. Not long ago, the word "reveal" was a popular keyword, and they know suggested this was a good use of the title of the articles. These keywords best to change and you need to think who have used them in the content and titles. One, which was popular six months ago may not be drawing visitors to your site now, so you need to know which keywords are currently "in". If you have a PPC (pay per click) advertising campaign, you can test the key words for this. It 'much faster than the re-jigging the content of the page contains some keywords to add. If you do not need to click to change the interest rate, so you do not use the "right" keywords, then you need to change them. One advantage to hire a good SEO company is that they have the wrist and fingers can not edit your ads and content using the latest word.

To do this yourself you through many websites and the latest article to find what appears to be time-consuming work.

Then there are the important backlinks for your website. If you have a PPC campaign, you can have your ads placed on sites with high ranking and search results pages in your niche and search engines approve these links, if only because they money on them. Of course, social networks are good for back links and tweets on Twitter, which can bring more traffic, but can you get a higher position in Google SERPS. You can spend a lot of time writing comments on sites that have some relevance to yours, and find little change in your ranking or traffic because the sites are not very self-classified. An SEO expert can help here and you get the best of backlinks to your site and you may be surprised by the fee for this service.

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